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McClellan Expands "Hour of Code" Resources

Posted on September 17, 2016 at 10:05 PM

For the past few years, Mr. Dobos' fourth grade class has participated in the "Hour of Code," a national movement to teach students about the computer coding that forms the foundation of much of today's technology. But now, thanks to the purchase of additional resources, all grades will have age-appropriate code-learning tools. Kindergarten students will get to use Bee Bots, interactive robots that can be programmed with directional buttons to follow a specific path. First grade has access to the board game Robot Turtles, where the goal is to guide their turtle through an adventure using movement cards. Puzzlets, an iPad app to be used by third graders, requires students to place tiles on a screen in order to control their virtual characters. The iPads have also been loaded with OSMO kits, which provide a variety of learning activities and, specifically, a coding kit that can be used by all grade levels. Lastly, fourth grade science will enjoy the addition of Squishy Circuits, Snap Circuits, Draw Circuits, and Sticker Circuits. These interactive kits will enhance their understanding of electrical circuits.

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